December 10, 2023 2 min read

MU thua tan nát: Martial bị chê lười nhất lịch sử, HLV Ten Hag cạn kiệt ý tưởng - 1

In a stunning display, Bournemouth secured a convincing victory over Manchester United at the iconic Theatre of Dreams, courtesy of goals from Dominic Solanke, Philip Billing, and Marcos Senesi. Despite Anthony Martial's return to the starting lineup, the French forward failed to leave a mark on the game and was substituted in the 55th minute for the £72 million summer signing, Rasmus Hojlund.

Martial's performance was marked by stark statistics, managing only one shot on target towards Bournemouth's goal, coupled with just 35 touches and an alarming 12 instances of ball loss. The 28-year-old faced audible criticism and jeers from disappointed fans as he exited the pitch.

On social media, a sardonic comment from a Manchester United supporter quipped, "Martial plays as if he's a 42-year-old, overweight man trying to keep up with some young lads. Unable to leap due to weak knees and reacting sluggishly because of his age... all while pocketing £250,000 per week."

MU thua tan nát: Martial bị chê lười nhất lịch sử, HLV Ten Hag cạn kiệt ý tưởng - 2

Another fan lamented, "I believe Martial has just earned the title of the laziest player in the history of football."

The defeat piled on the pressure for coach Erik Ten Hag, despite recently earning the Manager of the Month award for November in the Premier League. Post-match, a poignant moment captured Ten Hag standing motionless on the sidelines at Old Trafford for over 10 seconds, mirroring the disappointment felt by the departing fans.

A widely circulated video on social media depicted this moment, with a fan commenting, "It's unfortunate, but I think Ten Hag senses that the worst is yet to come this season, and I won't even delve into the Liverpool match. The outlook appears grim."

Another fan, adopting a bitter tone, added, "This moment exemplifies his creative well running dry."

A third observer remarked, "Both he and the fans are left bewildered. It's unfathomable why his squad displayed brilliance in the previous game only to falter so drastically in this one. It's astonishing how swiftly things can change."

Expressing sympathy for Ten Hag, a fourth supporter said, "My heart goes out to Coach Ten Hag. I am wholeheartedly convinced he's the only one suited for Manchester United. Regrettably, the chaos caused by Woodward, Solskjaer, Murtough, and company has left United in shambles. Unfortunately, I fear MU has no clear path to recovery."

In contrast, a fifth critic opined, "Coach Ten Hag seems to be forsaking his own principles and style, opting for something unfamiliar, and it's digging him into a pit of his own making."